Khlong Lat Mayom Market: Bangkok, Thailand

One of the must do attractions in Bangkok is a floating market, but this does mean that they are often overrun with other tourists. After a bit of research and some much appreciated advice from my hotel, I discovered the Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market. Luckily this market is actually in the city itself and accessible by BTS and Taxi. This removes the need for an organised tour to one of the more well known options out of the city, and it promised a more authentic experience which is what I always look for when travelling.

To get to the market travel to Bang Wa on the Silom BTS line and then get a taxi the reminder of the way. Our taxi was unsure of the destination; I’d recommend you try and get a good map or have the destination written in Thai to help! It cost around 55THB on the BTS and around 200THB for the taxi.

Although described as a floating market it has evolved into a riverside market instead as the narrow river doesn’t lend itself to much boat traffic. I was aware of this before visiting and this didn’t bother me as it meant the market maintained authenticity, instead of pandering to the tourist desire for a floating market. This was definitely true, tourists were in the minority and this made the experience more interesting and enjoyable.


The market is split into two sides (across a road): hot food and then a section of groceries and gifts/home items. There is a wide variety of food options, both sweet and savoury and unsurprisingly an abundance of fish!

Some of the delicious seafood options.


Takeaway salads and dressings.

Of course, I headed straight for the street food side and enjoyed some amazing food for extremely cheap prices!


A reasonable sized bowl of Thai fishcakes with cucumber relish cost only 50 THB (£1).


Crispy pork belly with spicy sauce cost 50 THB too!


As it was my birthday when I visited I also treated myself to a pot of mini macaroons! Cost 20THB (50p)


As someone who is known to try scotch eggs wherever I discover them (as long as they’re runny!) I felt compelled to try this Thai version! It was encased in some sort of Thai fishcakes rather than pork.  The black fermented eggs were an experience, but not one I’d repeat! Cost 50THB for the plate (£1).

One of the loveliest things I saw at the market was rows of tables packed with entire families. Everyone would nip off to get some food to put in the middle for a true tapas style, shared family lunch. It was great to see them all enjoying the delicious fresh food together for a very different take on a ‘Sunday lunch’!

There was also a section with farm animals and a hot tub full of live fish, which were there for you to feed and pet! I couldn’t resist playing with the baby goats and even bought a small bottle of milk to feed them! The bottle cost 20THB. It was hard trying to stop one of them from stealing it all and I tried to get around to all of them!


I spent around two hours exploring  just the one side of the market, but you could easily spend more time visiting both sides of the market thoroughly. I haven’t visited any of the other popular markets in Bangkok to compare this to, but the convenience, size of the market and abundance of amazing street food made this a fantastic morning!

Cost: travel for each person around 150 THB (BTS & taxi share)
Cost: food was normally around 50THB a portion, but did vary. Make sure you take low denomination notes and coins to avoid disappointment!!

Opening times: Saturday & Sunday & Some Public Holidays from 9:30am to 4:30pm.

Date of Travel: March 2016


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