I Love Gin! Subscription Box Review

Gin has definitely experienced a continued renaissance in recent years. Unsurprisingly this has led to a flourish of new tonics and mixers emerging in to the market to superbly blend with the ever increasingly varied notes in artisan gins. However, how do you find the perfect serve? How do you know if you like the potential gin and tonic pairing before splurging?

This is where the I Love Gin subscription box comes to the rescue with a simple premise of allowing you to try 2 gins and matched tonics/mixers every month.

How it works!

Members receive a monthly box containing 2 miniatures and 2 tonics or mixers, to produce 4 gin and tonics. Each box usually has a theme and comes with a handy guide of information & serving suggestions. Plus if you are looking for alternative ways to try your gins, Holly the Gintern has a fab blog page where she gives you latest news and recipes each month for the box! I haven’t tried one of these yet, but I definitely will!

Boxes are posted the last weekend in the month and cost £14 a month (including postage). The boxes are commitment free. Gift subscriptions are available for 3, 6 or 12 month lengths or a gift voucher loaded with your monetary value of choice (postal or digital!) If you love one of the gins or tonics you discover in your delivery, members receive discounts in the I Love Gin Club shop.

My Boxes!

Gin deliveries come distinctly marked as fragile, with a padded box inside & I have never received a damaged box! I love lifting the lid to discover the box theme and then the next layer to finally discover the gins & mixers I have to enjoy each month!

I Love Gin Box

The notebook that accompanies each box is one of the most thorough guides I’ve received in various gin subscription packets. Learning more about the distillery, processes, heritage and flavour profiles of each gin really helps me to build an increasingly clear idea of what combinations are to my preference. There is also great information about the mixers included. Tonics play such an important role in a gin & tonic, so they definitely shouldn’t be an after thought!

Informative & interesting guides that come with each box!

I have been receiving the boxes for over a year and have enjoyed trying all the different contents, so deciding on a box to blog about is really tricky! Therefore I’ll review a couple of my recent or favourite discoveries!

The July box is themed as a Celebration box & featured two variants of Palmers Gin and two Double Dutch tonics.

July’s I Love Gin Box

Palmers’ gin has a heritage dating back to London 1805 and all of their stills are named after influential women in the company’s history, starting with Angela who was built in 1903! The Palmers 44 Dry Gin is made from a 300 year old recipe & the Celebration gin has British Rose petals and strawberries added to be the perfect summer tipple! Double Dutch Mixers was founded by twins who were fed up of mixers being an afterthought. There are 8 unique flavours designed to enhance the gin rather than mask it, with more being developed for release next year.

The perfect serve of Palmers Celebration Gin & Double Dutch Pomegranate & Basil Tonic

The Pomegranate and basil tonic was a perfect match for the Celebration gin with the recommended garnish of strawberry slices. The pomegranate is slightly sweet & tart and the basil gives a peppery note – this reinforced the combo of strawberries and pepper!

The other tonic was the 2017 limited edition spices & oakwood, which had a fantastic aroma of cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla – it reminded me of Autumn and Christmas! I had a small sip of the tonic before pouring it into the gin, it smelt this good! I honestly think I could drink it on it’s own, so much flavour. It worked really well with the Dry gin and the orange peel give it a slight citrus hit. Spiced gins and orange work really well so I wasn’t surprised this was delicious!

Wonderful Spices & Oakwood Double Dutch Tonic with Palmers Dry gin & orange twist

The May ‘Passion’ box contained two Scottish distilled Boë gins & the wonderfully designed Artisan tonics. I adore passionfruit and was thrilled to try the Boë passionfruit flavoured gin. Boy, I was not disappointed. This tasted absolutely divine! The plain gin was also very crisp & paired with a lovely clean skinny tonic.

Of course some gins I receive I have already tasted, or possibly even own. I don’t mind this as it is simply another opportunity to sample it potentially with an alternative tonic or garnish pairing that I wouldn’t have thought of before! I was particularly grateful to receive the Pickering’s gins just after I had visited the distillery. (Check out my review here) I have also used them as lovely gifts for friends to give them a chance to try one of my favourites!

Wonderful gins!

I think the biggest discoveries of the boxes have often been the selection of tonics & mixers from the expanding range available! It’s a great way to try a new tonic before deciding to purchase some, especially as with some of the less common ones you have to be order them online, potentially in larger quantities!

tonics 2
Fab tonics I’ve explored in my I Love Gin Box

I really love receiving my I Love Gin box every month. Every month is a fabulous discovery of gins and tonics and an opportunity to try something new. The perfect way to expand your gin horizons in an affordable way! Why not put your feet up & expand your gin knowledge with the I Love Gin Box! 

2018-08-01 19.15.25

Website: I Love Gin

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