The Gin Club: Gin Subscription Box Review

The gin craze shows no sign of slowing down (woohoo!), but with all the new launches happening it’s hard to keep ahead of all those new craft gins, distillers and flavours. Gin subscription boxes continue to help eliminate any stress of missing out on the next trend in gin by carefully selecting a unique gin to deliver to members’ doors!

Partnered with online drinks retailer 31DOVER, The Gin Club aims to introduce discerning gin drinkers to exciting craft gins from around the world through their fantastic contacts list of producers & embodies the idea you can never have too many gins! They continue to send out fantastic gins to all of their curious ‘Giniuses’ every month & I was lucky enough to try 2 fabulous recent boxes. You won’t be disappointed!

The Gin Club subscription box!

How it works!

Each subscription box delivers an exciting bottle of a small-batch gin to your door! These are often brand new flavours, rare distillations or exclusive editions of more well know brands and may be a 50cl or 70cl bottle.

The box also contains tonics specifically selected to pair with your new gin and a couple of additional items. These are often alternative mixers, pre-mixed drinks or miniatures of some other gins to sample. The Gin Club aims to make the gin the star of the show and therefore doesn’t come bursting with food and additional products.

Every box is £34.99 (including postage) and can be selected for monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly deliveries. The value of the box contents is roughly £45, I could only find one of the gins I received available to purchase to price check. The box came out as excellent value, plus the head start on trying this gin before others adds to the value of the subscription.

Annual gift membership as 4,6 or 12 shipments are also available to make any gin loving friends very happy! The boxes are completely commitment free. You can pause or upgrade deliveries or cancel your subscription at any time with no hassle. Perfect!

My Boxes!

The boxes arrive promptly and are wonderfully packaged, ensuring that your gin & tonics arrive safely for you to discover the gin within! One thing I really like is that the packaging is all recyclable, the only item not made of paper is the strip of tape that seals the box.

My January box featured a gin designed specifically for The Gin Club ‘Giniuses’, a fantastic way to start a new decade of gin! The Burleighs Enchanted Woodland Gin was created almost by accident as the distiller stumbled across a section of wonderful hedgerow ingredients whilst out walking. After some experimentation they infused their standard gin with additional botanicals of bilberry, dandelion, burdock & elderberry for a lovely well-balanced berry & floral gin.

A specially created gin for the first The Gin Club box of 2020!

Sometimes the classics are the best & the tonics in the January box highlight how a standard tonic is all you need to make a gin shine! The Franklin & Sons’ light tonics use natural flavours & local spring water to produce a great tonic that will make a wonderfully crisp G&T.

Lovely Burleigh’s Enchanted Woodland & Franklin & Sons light tonic G&T.

The suggested cocktail for this month’s gin was a Blueberry Gin Sour & it was definitely worth putting the little bit of effort in for an amazing alternative to a regular gin & tonic. Start by muddling blueberries, lemon juice & simple sugar syrup in a cocktail shaker, add the Enchanted Woodland gin & a small amount of egg white & SHAKE! The egg white may sound strange but lots of cocktails include it to add a lovely frothy finish to your drink. Strain & serve! This was delicious & I will definitely be making this again & again!

Delicious Blueberry Sour cocktail.

The box also contained an Ace & Freak Ginger & Lemongrass Mule canned cocktail for those days when you don’t want to practice your mixologist skills! This blends London dry gin & vermouth with pressed ginger, apple and lemongrass. As it is all made from natural ingredients & sustainably produced it’s a totally guilt free option!

My February box contained a beautifully distinctive gin distilled in Hamburg, the ‘Spirit for Travellers’ Birds Dry Gin, 2 limited edition Double Dutch tonics, a Coca-Cola mixer & two other miniature gins to try. A perfect Valentine’s box!!

Perfect Valentine’s Day February box from The Gin Club!

The founders of the Birds gin love to travel and have therefore incorporated this in the use of 15 handpicked botanicals from all five continents listed on the front of the bottle. I loved the little design touches on the bottles, like the flight & seat number of your bottle, which shows you which of the small 700 bottles per batch you have received!

The combination of botanicals gives the gin a complex but harmonious flavour profile. It has a full bodied juniper heart, followed by bursts of citrus and basil and a slightly spicy finish from the ginger & lime. As the distillers recommend, it would be perfect in a classic G&T, with light tonic and basil garnish.

Birds Adventure Gin – The Spirit for Travellers!

Every information booklet has a suggested cocktail recipe to try with the gin and I enjoyed the combination of the Birds Gin with Pinkster Gin Jam, lemon juice & soda water. This was a deliciously fruity cocktail & definitely one I will be trying again, maybe replacing the jam for muddled berries, or other jams to bring out difference nuances within the gin’s botanicals!

I paired the unique Double Dutch tonic with the Birds Gin in a classic G&T. The rhubarb gives it a nice sharpness and the pineneedle adds a herbal level, but not too much. I adore rhubarb, but wasn’t sure I’d like the addition of pineneedle, but I was pleasantly surprised & it created a really smooth tipple. It also worked well with the Isle of Wight Distillery’s Mermaid Pink gin, which comes in their beautiful signature bottle design!

Birds London Dry Gin and Double Dutch rhubarb & pineneedle G&T!

Once again The Gin Club subscription boxes introduced me to two brilliant new gins that I probably would never have discovered otherwise. The exclusivity and inclusion of unheard of gins continues to fascinate me & as the expansion of distilleries, flavours and brands of gin continues I can’t wait to see what gins are within next!

Boxes: January & February 2020 (previous box review here)

Website: The Gin Club

Note: I was gifted my boxes from The Gin Club. As always, all opinions are my own, and I’ll never recommend anything to you that’s not fantastic. 

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