Blue Tea Subscription Box Review

I’m a self-confessed tea addict! I love drinking a huge variety of tea types; enjoying sampling new blends and flavours alongside my absolute favourites. When a friend recommended the gourmet loose leaf tea subscription from Blue Tea Box I signed myself up straight away!

How it works!

Each month you receive a letterbox friendly parcel containing either 1 large or 3 smaller bags of rare, single origin teas along with tasting notes.  New tea merchants are introduced monthly and the tea received is not available in supermarkets. The merchants often buy directly from farms, ensuring the best & freshest quality. It also makes the tea trade more ethical as more profit goes directly to the farmers & communities for sustainable practices and improved quality of life for workers.

The Blue Tea Subscription Box

The subscription is run by ‘Tea Concierges’ who select the best teas from all over the world; often visiting the plantations where the tea is grown. They have the very important job of selecting the tea in each individual box against your membership preferences to give you a box that you are bound to love!

You can select if you wish to receive only black, green or fruit & herbal blends or the surprise me option of the best teas of the month. You can also specify any ingredients to avoid, e.g. liquorice which may have health complications for some or caffeine if you prefer decaf.

Subscriptions, including free UK delivery, start from £6.99 a month for the Blue Tea bag which contains one 75g bag of loose leaf tea, approximately 30-60 cups. The most popular option is the Blue Tea Box (£12.99 a month) which contains 3 different teas in 45g bags, approximately 54-108 cups in total.

Boxes can be received every month or every 2 months, depending on your tea consumption! Should you wish to pre-pay for 3, 6, or 12 months in advance the price per box is reduced. Subscriptions are auto-renewing but you can cancel, upgrade, pause or skip easily at any time.

All of the above options are also available as a fabulously unique gift for the tea-lover in your life! It is a wonderful gift idea for a one-off or longer subscription which they can influence with their tea preferences. The gift subscriptions don’t auto-renew but I expect your recipient may choose to continue their tea discovery!

My Boxes!

The boxes arrived wonderfully packaged to protect the contents and easily fit within my post box. The packaging is well designed and looks lovely, it really would make an excellent gift!

Each tea is sent in it’s own pouch with an accompanying information card. This has the details on the tea origin, flavour notes and profile, ingredients and the best brew recipe. I really love that it tells me how much to use, the best temperature  & time to brew for, whether to serve with or without milk and the best time of the day to consume. It really is a discovery of how to best drink the fabulous teas!

My first Blue Tea Subscription Box!

In my first box I received English Sunset Black tea, Green Keemun Congou tea and a Rhubarb Cream fruit tea! Anyone that knows me will know that I couldn’t have asked for a better first selection, especially as I am a complete rhubarb addict! Well done Tea Concierge!

The English Sunset black tea is a combination blend that has plenty of flavour. It features a Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka, Darjeeling tea from India and a White Monkey Paw green tea from China; a combination I have never tasted before!

The blend is named English Sunset as it has been enjoyed as an accompaniment to an evening meal for 200 years! I can definitely see why as although it has plenty of flavours, the blend doesn’t overpower any dish. I tried mine alongside a virtual Afternoon Tea party & it was the perfect tea!

English Sunset blend from my subscription box served with Afternoon Tea!

The Green Keemun Congou tea is a rediscovered rare tea from the south province of Anhui, China. This complex, but delicately balanced tea requires skilful (‘congou’) production in a luxury green tea. I think this is a lovely tea to enjoy following lunch, but would definitely be a great tea to start your day with as well.

The Green Keemun Congou tea blend.

The Somerset rhubarb-cream fruit infusion contains a mixture of apple, hibiscus, rosehip, pineapple, payaya, mango & rhubarb to create this wonderfully sweet and cream blend. It is slightly tart and has lovely floral notes that make it a great blend over ice in summer or hot in the cooler months. I would happily drink this all year round personally!

The Rhubarb Cream fruit infusion tea from my Blue Tea Subscription Box.


I am really enjoying receiving my Blue Tea Boxes bi-monthly and discovering a plethora of new tea blends and styles that I have never encountered before. As a tea lover it’s a fantastic way to expand your tea horizons and learn even more about the origins, histories and specific flavour profiles of tea grown around the world! I can’t wait to see what I receive in future boxes!

Boxes: August 2020 (further boxes to come!)

Website: Blue Tea Box

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